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Old 10-04-2012, 01:21 PM
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Default Updated Callback Scripts For Paypal & Cardsave

Paypal IPN Updated Callback Scripts

In response to the technical bulletin issued by paypal on the 18th Sept. 2012 we have issued two updated versions of the Paypal callback for Storesprite.

You need to ensure that you update your callback scripts before 1st Feb. 2013 to ensure that your Paypal payments callback continues to work correctly.

Enclosed in this archive you will find releases encoded for:

- IonCube, php 5.x & 5.3.x
- Zend Optimizer, php 5.x - 5.2.x

For each of the above there are 2 script options available utilising different
methods to connect to Paypal. Previously all clients would have been using the fsock methods, but, in addition we now offer a Curl version. Take your pick!
Download Link:

Cardsave Hosted Redirect Updated Callback Script

In response to the technical bulletin issued by Cardsave on the 18th Sept. 2012 we have issued an updated Cardsave Hosted Redirect callback for Storesprite.

The current cardsave callback functions correctly, however, does not perform final communication to cardsave to let them know that the transaction notification has been received. This can result in erroneous email notifications from Cardsave.

The updated script addresses this issue.

Download Link:
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